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ALPE consulting provides a full range of services for the development and implementation of information systems at enterprises of various industries and business scales.

SAP implementation: conceptual design, configuration and support after a productive start.

Implementation of SAP solutions is organized on the basis of two types of methodologies: 

ASAP Focus и инновационной методологии AGILE.


Stages of the implementation project using the ASAP Focus methodology:

Stages of the implementation project according to AGILE methodology:

* The number of releases is determined based on the complexity of the overall functionality. The advantages of this approach are that the Customer is "immersed" in the functionality of the system at earlier stages (introductory training is required at the stage of release 1, then intermediate testing of releases in the system). In this case risks of not matching the implemented functionality with the requirements of the customer tend to a minimum.


Migration from SAP ERP to S4HANA

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SAP S / 4HANA is a new generation ERP for the automation of the company's core processes (finance and management accounting, production, logistics, sales and services), which is intended to become the real digital core of your business. 

Key Features and Benefits:



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ALPE4HANA is a SAP Best Practices localized solution for Russia based on SAP S/4HANA platform intended for manufacturing enterprises, wholesale enterprises and contains business processes in the following functional areas: 

The advantage of ALPE4HANA is that it is a ready-made preconfigured solution that allows to reduce risks in subsequent implementations. It is based on the consolidation of the best design solutions.

In terms of budget this is a relatively affordable solution in which localized business processes with ready-made configuration and documentation are applied.

The big plus from the point of view of the customer is the predictability and visibility of the system. Already during the demonstration of the prototype, the customer sees what he will get as a result.

The solution includes pre-configured forms of mandatory reporting for the Russian Federation

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ALPE4HANA Cloud is a pre-configured solution for managing enterprise business processes on the modern SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Extended Edition platform

Having the functional completeness of the ALPE4HANA on-premise solution, it provides additional benefits:


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ALPE4RISE is a suite of solutions based on a comprehensive offer for intelligent business transformation RISE with SAP

ALPE4RISE includes a ready-made, localized and qualified SAP cloud solution with the ability to automate routine processes based on SAP Intelligent RPA and optional extended post-production support based on SAP Application Management Services.

ALPE4RISE is beneficial for:


ALPE4RISE include:


pre-configured solution for managing business processes of an enterprise on the modern platform SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition *, localized for Russia and hosted in the cloud
*also available in On-Prem and S/4HANA Cloud, Extended Edition

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

solution uses intelligent robots to automate repetitive manual processes and redirect resources to critical activities and processes in the enterprise

SAP Application Management Services (optional)

advanced post-production support provides 24/7 monitoring and support from experts who proactively detect and resolve issues, respond quickly to incidents, and drive continuous system improvement


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